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Become part of our team!

Explore the job opportunities below if you share a similar vision with us and would like to be part of our team!

Jobs - Research Assistant

                                                                                                                                                      Updated: 28/11/2023 

We have 3 full-time positions opening in the Hong Kong Science Technology Park (HKSTP) Office. 

Job Roles:

  • AI Engineer / Software Developer / Full Stack Developer Roles / Data Scientist

  • Build machine learning/AI-based prediction models using biomedical data (e.g. medical record, clinical assessment scores) 

  • Creating software (local) and web-based apps for prediction models.


  • Possess undergraduate or postgraduate degrees in relevant areas (Computer science, Data science, Software Engineering, ...), specifically with skills in data science, machine learning and AI.

  • Must be from top 100 universities, or local universities in Hong Kong.

  • Knowledge and skills in coding language e.g. Python, R, MATLAB, C++.

  • Familiarity with AI platforms/environments e.g. TensorFlow, Pytorch

  • Familiarity with medical data is preferred

Salary and Duration:

Apply via emailing your CV and a brief personal statement to us at

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